Catering Disposables
Catering Disposables

Catering Disposables

Catering Disposables is a family-owned business that has been setting the standard for catering suppliers since 1970. Its core values include integrity and innovation, and they are recognised as the market leader in the field of hygiene and catering supplies. They are committed to helping businesses meet their needs and make their work easier.

Food packaging

Foodservice businesses are using disposables to simplify the process of packaging and serving food. These items are typically made of paper, plastic, aluminum, plant fiber, or foam. There are many types of disposables on the market, and many focus on recycled and biodegradable materials.


Catering disposables, such as cups, plates, and containers, are essential for restaurants and caterers. Chefs' Toys, a company specializing in disposables, offers products that are appropriate for both formal and casual events. Its selection includes disposable cups, cones, and boats.


If you're arranging a catered meal or hosting a wine tasting event, plastic wine glasses are the ideal solution. Available in different sizes, these glasses hold the right amount of liquid, so guests can enjoy their drinks without worrying about breaking them.


Catering disposables include cutlery. These products are used in restaurants to serve food to guests. Increasing disposable income and the rapid urbanization of the world are driving demand for these products. In addition, the corporate work culture has encouraged the consumption of food outside the home. This is fueling the growth of the disposable cutlery market.


Rolls for catering disposables are made from PVC-based, professional-quality cling film. They're soft, flexible, and strong. In addition, non-stick silicone paper is used to seal in freshness.

Hand towels

Hand towels are a vital component of food service operations, as they reduce the risk of cross contamination. Unlike cloth towels, which have to be washed and re-used, disposable towels are sanitized and antimicrobial. They are also available in a range of colors, so that your catering business can code specific uses for different types of towels.